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Friday, August 1, 2008

This picture was taken in Toledo, Ohio... very interesting sign... I'm told it means no gang related colors?? I didn't even know they had gangs out in the boonies! 

A quick update I'm on the Not So Silent Tour with the band Vayden, playing with bands named Tantric and Fosterchild. All band are on the Silent Majority Group (SMG) Label. 

So far we've played in 17 states and 32 venues since June 11th. We're currently on our way back to Jacksonville, North Carolina, to perform at the Sand Jam Festival. It also happens to be the first city we started this tour in. So we're excited to meet up with new fans and make even more! 

Here's a couple of things I love about the Tour:

Getting to know the guys from Vayden... They're AWESOME!!!
Shopping in ATL
Driving through the Country
Home Cooked Meals
Making New Friends
Crashing at New Friends Homes
Learning to drive a 15 passenger van... more about that later =(
Sleeping in the day time 
Rockin Out @ all hours of the night
$1 Menu @ Wendy's
Southwest Salad from MacDonald's
$5 Footlongs from Subway (I like better) & Quizno's
Sharing my bed with Armin ; ) lol

I'm just thankful to be out here and doing something that I really enjoy.  

Til Next Time