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I'm a happy go lucky free spirited hopeless romantic! Far from being perfect but I love to be in love and love to be loved! I try to do right by others and myself. I just want to live a Happy life full of Love and create wonderful memories =)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Paint Me Funny

Ana & Josh

What a fun night! It was so cool hanging out with these awesome characters at the last Vayden gig here in Cali. As you can see none of us are camera shy! I like changing the colors of pics because its a funky fun touch to some pretty neat memories. 

Tea Time

I love to drink a hot cup of chai or peppermint tea in the morning with my breakfast. I love it for an afternoon of relaxing and reading a book. And I love it to settle me at the end of a long day. 

Me & Tea

When my throat is dry and scratchy
And a cough drop will not do
I put on my kettle of water
And pick my favorite brew

As the water hits that boiling point
My Wicked cup is set
Its time I pour it all on You
I'm so happy that we've met

You're just the perfect size
The perfect taste too
I'm feeling better already

I've been sick this past week with a sore throat and Tea has been a constant companion. I need a refill. =) 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moving Along

I believe I am a Gypsy...

I'll never settle down, because I'll never feel settled. 

But I'm ok with that. Being on the go is fun.

So Long Beach here I come!

all my bags are packed, im ready to go... =)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

#1 Goal of 2009


Goodbye to student loans, credit cards, and unpaid bills! I'm tired of having such bad credit hanging over me like a gray rain cloud. I realized that I allowed it to take a toll on my self worth, so instead of avoiding it like I've been doing...I'm setting up payment plans and learning how to manage my money. I actually want to have $$ in my savings account, LOL... seriously I do =)

I have more goals that I'll be working on, but I just wanted to put this one out there! If you write it down... You know what I mean.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Reflection 2008

2008 was a great year for me. It was a year of self discovery and realizing what really mattered in my life. I know who I am, and I love it. I love my family and friends. I'm blessed to live the life that I have. 
I worked for "the man" January to April and really started to dislike living in Arizona... In Spring I went to Hawaii and spent time with true friends and found the love of my life... I rocked out the summer with Vayden and saw a lot of the USA... Made bff's with Phoenix and now we chill 24/7... Oh and I came out to family and friends that I'm gay... I've improved on cooking and baking... I've begun to read a lot more books... I've become more politically involved... and honestly I have a much happier outlook on my future =) 
At the moment I've been working on my goals for 2009. There's so much that I want to accomplish this year. But that's the subject of my next blog. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Holiday

The past 3 weeks have been a wonderful time of laughter, love, and relaxation. My girlfriend Nikki was able to join me here in California for Christmas and New Years. I discovered that the best way to finish the year and start a new one is being in the arms of the person you love! Ok, so that's a no brainer, but it's my first! I was so proud to introduce Nikki to my family (of course that would be to the family that is open and supportive of our relationship). They loved her and that is definitely a plus. I'll cherish those quiet intimate moments that we shared.  I look forward to our relationship positively growing. I love her with all of my heart and I hope that everyone can be as happy as the way I feel. Let's go 2009!!!