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Monday, November 17, 2008

A Movement of Love

November 15, 2008 at 10:30 am PT, across the US, gays, straight, families, and singles in multiple ethnicities gathered at their city halls to protest the passing of Proposition 8 that eliminated the right of same sex couples to marry. 

I was able to participate here in Irvine and just wanted to share my experience. I wasn't sure what to expect. I had seen that only 61 people had rsvp on facebook. But I was determined to go out and show my support. I passed the civic center at 9:45 am that morning on my way home from the bank to see that the street corners were bare. I was in hopes of seeing atleast some people starting to form a group. But no, it was empty. I got home telling myself you're going Ana, don't chicken out. You see Irvine is ULTRA SUPER CONSERVATIVE!!! And I was concerned about the crazies out there! =( I mean gay hate crimes do happen... 

Moving on, I made last minute touches to my poster (which you can view on my FaceBook), packed some water, a black permanent marker, tape, and my sunglasses (all very handy items to have while protesting) and was on my way back to City Hall! As we drove up to the hall I heard the honking of horns and chants  "Equality for ALL!" ~ "Gay, Straight, Black, or White, All deserve equal rights!" ~ "Spread LOVE, not 8!"~ my personal fave =) so I hopped out and with a new light got my march on! 

I met alot of nice people =) There were good speakers, that encouraged us not to lay blame on any ethnic or religious groups for the passing of 8. Instead they counseled to go out into our communities and educate others that gay people are just people, like themselves, living their life and trying to raise their families with love too. Thus the campaign is a Movement of Love. 

The lame part of the protest was a couple people brought posters with profanity on it...I went up to some ladies and told them that I'm glad they came out to support, but their poster  were inappropriate (F bomb), there were children there and it defeats the purpose. When people were talking about protesting the Mormon Temples, I chimed in my two cents about not all LDS members voted yes, and that we should protest our city halls not single out the Mormons. Lately I've found myself speaking up in cases that usually I wouldn't. AND IT FEELS GOOD! I left the protest feeling proud to be a part of what I feel is a change towards a better future =) So yeah thats about it....Peace out!

Next Post....My new LOVE....LA Fashion Distict!!! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Victory is Bittersweet...But full of HOPE

I'm very honored to be a part of American history. As a nation we've elected our first African American President, Barack Hussein Obama.  It brightens my spirit to think how far we've come as a country in equality and acceptance. And though Proposition 8 has passed here in California by a 52%  consensus, I believe equality will come for the gay community in time.  Civil Rights was an uphill battle and did not come easily. So I'm sticking in there, I'm a huge supporter for Marriage Equality! =) Martin Luther King JR once said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".  So with love and hope I will continue to do what I can to eliminate injustice.  

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Tragic Potluck

This poem was written for me by my brother Curtis in response to a No on Prop 8 commercial I had posted on my face book. That thread received comments of views from both sides.  A majority of my siblings and their children support Yes on Prop 8, which if passed will eliminate the right of same sex couples to marry in the state of California. I believe this proposition to be unjust and wrong, so I've become a public advocate for upholding the current law. I'm not the only person in my family voting no, I just happen to be openly gay person of the family. And because of that I've been accused of rubbing my beliefs in others faces, and not respecting or showing love for my family. That is untrue. I love my family and I'm not ashamed of who I am. I love this poem and am forever thankful that it was written. Enjoy and may we all learn to embrace diversity and acceptance.

A Tragic Potluck

On the first Sunday of every month my family eats together.
It's really just our excuse to sit and be together.
We cook in the morning then bring our own dish,
Then around 6 around the table we sit,
And every first Sunday it is always said,

"My what a beautiful spread"...

The table is filled with foods of all sorts,
Which mirror the faces in our family of course,
Some dishes I love some I won't taste,
And that's fine with me because I make my own plate,
But every first Sunday it's in everyones head,

"My what a beautiful spread"

I wonder if other families are lucky as we?
Who can enjoy such culinary variety?
Who can taste the cuisine from the islands or the far-east,
And even enjoy amazing European treats...
The sweet yams from the south that come out almost red,

"My what a beautiful spread"

So many beautiful dishes there's always more than enough,
All prepared with care and an armful of love,
Everyone so different and so innately unique,
I wonder if other families feel like this when they eat?
Cause as we say our own graces and bow our heads
We all say,

"Thank you for the beautiful spread"

How sad an event if one day things had to change.
And every dish we made was exactly the same,
Would we be so excited to sit down for this feast,
If everyone decided to bring the same thing?
Could we look on our table and could it be said.

"My what a beautiful spread"

My family is a potluck where everyone is their own dish,
And that we are healthy and happy is my only wish,
That we are unique and different and never ashamed,
Of the dish that I know we worked so hard to make,
May we always laugh and play and dance and sing,
And understand the joy and bliss that each of us brings,
May the table that we eat on always stand up,
On the legs of happiness and foundation of love...

Cause when I look at my beautiful family
It's hard for a tear not to shed,

"My what a beautiful spread..."


Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Latest & Greatest

So this past Friday I met up with family in Hollywood to raffle, to see the musical Wicked. At Pantages theater I entered my name in hopes of buying a front row seat at $25.  On the paper you can circle up to buying 2 tickets. They draw thirteen names out and you must proceed directly to the ticketing office and buy your ticket in cash only right away! No thinking about or waiting or they just raffle for another name. So my niece Caydi's name was chosen and her parents bought 2 tickets. Our goal was to get at least 3 tickets, since only 3 of us had never seen it. I was the 13th name called! They only had one ticket available and I bought it! So I ended up going with my nephew in law Joseph and his little brother Junior who's visiting from NZ.  Their seats were together and I sat opposite alone. But I was so happy to finally see the musical who's soundtrack I'd fallen in love with back in 2004. It didn't let me down at all! The music was powerful, the props were beautiful, my experience was MAGICAL!!! I can't wait to see it again!

Friday, August 1, 2008

This picture was taken in Toledo, Ohio... very interesting sign... I'm told it means no gang related colors?? I didn't even know they had gangs out in the boonies! 

A quick update I'm on the Not So Silent Tour with the band Vayden, playing with bands named Tantric and Fosterchild. All band are on the Silent Majority Group (SMG) Label. 

So far we've played in 17 states and 32 venues since June 11th. We're currently on our way back to Jacksonville, North Carolina, to perform at the Sand Jam Festival. It also happens to be the first city we started this tour in. So we're excited to meet up with new fans and make even more! 

Here's a couple of things I love about the Tour:

Getting to know the guys from Vayden... They're AWESOME!!!
Shopping in ATL
Driving through the Country
Home Cooked Meals
Making New Friends
Crashing at New Friends Homes
Learning to drive a 15 passenger van... more about that later =(
Sleeping in the day time 
Rockin Out @ all hours of the night
$1 Menu @ Wendy's
Southwest Salad from MacDonald's
$5 Footlongs from Subway (I like better) & Quizno's
Sharing my bed with Armin ; ) lol

I'm just thankful to be out here and doing something that I really enjoy.  

Til Next Time



Friday, July 18, 2008

Nashville Plus

Well Howdy There! 
I sure enjoyed my downtime in Tennessee. Our hostess Niki was very kind to take us out on the town to experience late night Nashville. I do believe this is my second favorite spot, Atlanta being my first choice.  I loved just walking downtown being a tourist and taking a gazillion pics, which can be viewed on my bebo! So far I've visited 11 states and 25 cities on the tour and I'm currently in the van driving up to Michigan. I'm happy to go up north and finally leave the Dirty Dirty. Being on tour has been a blessing. I get to travel and see the US of A like I've always wanted too. Yes, this is definitely a road trip to remember. I love that I get to visit and drive through many cities that I've heard of but never been too. The countryside is truly beautiful and a great change from the concrete jungles of the big cities I'm use to on the west coast. Also I've met many people who truly define Southern Hospitality...but I tell you this, no one beats the Aloha Spirit! I do miss the rock but I'm glad to be out here on the road with Vayden and being apart of their journey towards rockdom! Also I'm glad to have this time to myself and enjoy being on my own doing my thing. I'm really looking forward to gigging in New York! I'm gonna take LOTS of photos! I better get going...its my bed time! Adios until next time!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


What I want
I cannot say
My beliefs
I hide away
Holding back
I scream inside
I open up
And out spill lies
To cover up
The mess I've made
Because what I want
I cannot say...

i wrote this after a conversation i had with my older brother martin.

A Mini Break

So we're in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee and I'm enjoying this 3 day break! 
The quiet streets of Hillsborough Village. Here I am with Armin and Bruce making friends and exploring the city. I'm hoping to take more photos of our little excursions. My favorite memory for this place is the buffalo chicken feathers from Jackson's. They were so yummy!!!