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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Keeping Up

Geez time flies and I'm lacking on my updates. Much has happened as it always does. I'm currently living out on Catalina Island working as a massage therapist. What started as a summer gig has turned into an opportunity of strengthening my skills and sticking it out in one place. Yes, I've been a rolling stone for a long time and I'm ready to settle down in some ways. My New Years Resolution was to get out of debt this year. Well I finally started the process of doing so and I feel great about it. It's such a burden to know that my credit is crap. But now I'm making things right. I still love Long Beach and consider that my home. I miss Phoenix and Lylah so much, and I miss hanging out with the family. It'll all work out though. I'm working hard here to pay them bills and also to focus on myself. I love the workout classes they offer here on island and I also enjoy being a pescatarian. I've never felt better about myself. I miss my girlfriend Nikki. We actually broke up a couple months ago. We still remain close and now she stays in Utah. I do love her very much and one day when the time is right, I plan on being together again. Life is full of so many paths to follow. I'm happy on the path I am on now. Self discovery is never ending and wonderful. I wish nothing but the best for family and friends.

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