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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Date Nights

Ok so one of the many perks of being married is having a companion to enjoy date night with! I have so much fun with Greg when we go out together. It helps that we have a lot in common with our interests. But last night I did something out of character for me because I love my husband and wanted him to be happy. Last night at the Naia Kete concert there were quite a few "The Voice" contestants there, supporting her. Gregory's favorite artist of season 2 was there. He actually wanted to go up and meet the artist. Now I never go up to celebrities for autographs or photos, not because I'm a snob, more because I'm really shy and I wouldn't want to bother them. Greg is the same way, but was very conflicted because he really wanted to meet one of the artist. I could see how much my husband really wanted this meeting. So I see "the group" move towards the exit, I tell my honey to follow me and I cut through the crowd so they walk into us. That is when Greg does his intro and I like a dork say hello and gush about how awesome of singers they all are. Which is true! But I'm sure they hear it all the time. They were all gracious and genuinely nice to us. I'm definitely a fan of them all. When we left Greg was so happy we went for a drive and ended up at Diddy Riese for dessert! Yay for me! Followed by catching a movie at the Westwood Theater which is beautiful and reminds me of the theater in Catalina. Last night was definitely a great date night.


Ui said...

fun! so ummm where's the pic with the "group" or of the autograph??? lol

***~_Bunz_~*** said...

Sorry we took mental photos and basked in the glory of that moment :)