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Friday, July 18, 2008

Nashville Plus

Well Howdy There! 
I sure enjoyed my downtime in Tennessee. Our hostess Niki was very kind to take us out on the town to experience late night Nashville. I do believe this is my second favorite spot, Atlanta being my first choice.  I loved just walking downtown being a tourist and taking a gazillion pics, which can be viewed on my bebo! So far I've visited 11 states and 25 cities on the tour and I'm currently in the van driving up to Michigan. I'm happy to go up north and finally leave the Dirty Dirty. Being on tour has been a blessing. I get to travel and see the US of A like I've always wanted too. Yes, this is definitely a road trip to remember. I love that I get to visit and drive through many cities that I've heard of but never been too. The countryside is truly beautiful and a great change from the concrete jungles of the big cities I'm use to on the west coast. Also I've met many people who truly define Southern Hospitality...but I tell you this, no one beats the Aloha Spirit! I do miss the rock but I'm glad to be out here on the road with Vayden and being apart of their journey towards rockdom! Also I'm glad to have this time to myself and enjoy being on my own doing my thing. I'm really looking forward to gigging in New York! I'm gonna take LOTS of photos! I better get going...its my bed time! Adios until next time!!!!


Ui said...

awwww bunzie.....i'm so happy for you. you get to do YOUR own thing. i'm so envious right now. but keep the pix coming. especially in new york! love the new background. i'll talk to you later sas.

Keos said...

On the road again... i don't know the rest of the song but HI!!! Love to see what you've been up to. Have fun livin it up! Aloha..........