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Monday, November 17, 2008

A Movement of Love

November 15, 2008 at 10:30 am PT, across the US, gays, straight, families, and singles in multiple ethnicities gathered at their city halls to protest the passing of Proposition 8 that eliminated the right of same sex couples to marry. 

I was able to participate here in Irvine and just wanted to share my experience. I wasn't sure what to expect. I had seen that only 61 people had rsvp on facebook. But I was determined to go out and show my support. I passed the civic center at 9:45 am that morning on my way home from the bank to see that the street corners were bare. I was in hopes of seeing atleast some people starting to form a group. But no, it was empty. I got home telling myself you're going Ana, don't chicken out. You see Irvine is ULTRA SUPER CONSERVATIVE!!! And I was concerned about the crazies out there! =( I mean gay hate crimes do happen... 

Moving on, I made last minute touches to my poster (which you can view on my FaceBook), packed some water, a black permanent marker, tape, and my sunglasses (all very handy items to have while protesting) and was on my way back to City Hall! As we drove up to the hall I heard the honking of horns and chants  "Equality for ALL!" ~ "Gay, Straight, Black, or White, All deserve equal rights!" ~ "Spread LOVE, not 8!"~ my personal fave =) so I hopped out and with a new light got my march on! 

I met alot of nice people =) There were good speakers, that encouraged us not to lay blame on any ethnic or religious groups for the passing of 8. Instead they counseled to go out into our communities and educate others that gay people are just people, like themselves, living their life and trying to raise their families with love too. Thus the campaign is a Movement of Love. 

The lame part of the protest was a couple people brought posters with profanity on it...I went up to some ladies and told them that I'm glad they came out to support, but their poster  were inappropriate (F bomb), there were children there and it defeats the purpose. When people were talking about protesting the Mormon Temples, I chimed in my two cents about not all LDS members voted yes, and that we should protest our city halls not single out the Mormons. Lately I've found myself speaking up in cases that usually I wouldn't. AND IT FEELS GOOD! I left the protest feeling proud to be a part of what I feel is a change towards a better future =) So yeah thats about it....Peace out!

Next Post....My new LOVE....LA Fashion Distict!!! 


Ui said...

sounds like quite the eventful day. u hit it sis...standing up for what u believe in. it's comforting to know that peaceful protests still exist.

Greg Dowden said...

Ana, thank you for your respect and defense of mine and other people's beliefs whom you love! I am happy that you are able to go out and spread peace while at the same time stand up for your beliefs!!! I love you tons and agree with Ui...You hit it SIS! LOL!