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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Victory is Bittersweet...But full of HOPE

I'm very honored to be a part of American history. As a nation we've elected our first African American President, Barack Hussein Obama.  It brightens my spirit to think how far we've come as a country in equality and acceptance. And though Proposition 8 has passed here in California by a 52%  consensus, I believe equality will come for the gay community in time.  Civil Rights was an uphill battle and did not come easily. So I'm sticking in there, I'm a huge supporter for Marriage Equality! =) Martin Luther King JR once said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".  So with love and hope I will continue to do what I can to eliminate injustice.  


CeeJ said...

Hey Ana...

I don't know how to start this letter... or if I should even write it. But I kind of want to... just so you can understand my viewpoint.

I consider you my friend, and I'm pretty sure you consider me one too. :)

I want you to know why it was important for me to vote yes for Prop 102 (AZ's version of Prop 8). It's not because I don't like gay people. And it's not because I don't think gay couples deserve the same rights as straight couples.

But this one was different. It didn't take away any gay rights. It just simply defined marriage as between one man/one woman. (as you know)

The reason this was necessary was to protect our religious freedoms to believe how we believe. If Prop 102 would have passed, the long term effects would be severe. All churches (LDS, Catholic, Jewish) could be sued for refusing to marry a gay couple. Church run schools (like BYU) could be sued for not allowing homesexual couples to live in married housing. Etc, Etc.

Now, maybe you think they should be sued... I don't know.

But I simply want a mutual respect. I think it's your choice to love whoever you want. And to commit your life to whoever you want. Call it a civil union, committment cerimony, whatever. That's fine.
It just can't be called "marriage"- or we get in trouble for not condoning it.

I count you as one of my 3 gay friends. And I hope we can stay that way. And agree to disagree. But I just wanted to write- so you knew that "8 is not hate". (Not in my eyes anyway.) There are always extremists on both sides of any issue. But I voted yes, simply to preserve my freedom of religion.

Keep in mind- article of faith #11- We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men (& women!) the same privilege. Let them worship how, where, or what they may.

So that's all I'm wanting. Mutual respect to each other's beliefs.

So- those are my thoughts. I hope it can help you to understand my viewpoint a little better. :)

I still love you, and wish you the best in your upcoming future.

Sincerely, CJ =)

Ana Eileen said...

Dear Ceej,

Thank you for sharing your stance with me. Yes, of course we are still friends! Today was a hard day for me, I've found myself having mini bouts of crying. I cry for the 18,000 gay couples who have married since it was legalized and now those marriages are in the gray, will they become annulled? I cried realizing that some of my closest family members voted yes, and yet they said they would come to my wedding. I cried for my friend Serena who had to go pick up her daughter today from school early because the kids were teasing her that she's not from a real family, since she has 2 mommies. To me Prop 8 did take away rights, it read as followed on the ballot:

Eliminates right of same sex couples to marry. Initiative Constitutional Ammendment.

As for long term effects for the church, there hasn't been any cases of gays trying to marry in the temple, since gay marriage was legalized. Plus just like any other couple trying to marry in the temple, a gay couple (who would be stupid in my books) would still have to interview for their recommend. And the church beliefs condone homosexuality and it is their religious right to do so. Just as there are other Christian base churches that do accept. And how does a gay couple even come close to living in married housing when being actively gay violates honor code. I believe that religious groups who condone homosexuality should in no way have to change its beliefs nor be sued. But I do believe the gay community should have the right to marry and receive the dignity and benefits that marriage affords to others. Marriage is the highest commitment of love. To call it a civil union or partnership is just another form of segregation to me. I'll continue to work towards marriage equality. And know that I still love you and I wish you all the happiness =)

Your Friend 4ever!!!