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Monday, July 19, 2010

My Program

I use to dream and plan my wedding all the time. But I've come to realize after every break up I had to change it cause of course I'd cater the wedding to the likes of my partner and I. So knowing better now I've decided to plan something that never has to change. My funeral program. No it's not morbid. And since the last 4 nights I've dreamt the same dream of my death and funeral, I feel it's appropriate to prepare a format of what I would like to have done in honor of my life.

I want to be cremated and have my ashes spread on the ocean of southern Cali since I was born and raised there. I only want my immediate family and closest friends on the boat or at the pier...honestly it doesn't have to be expensive. (I'm dead, so it won't kill me..hehe)

I do not want a service in any religious buildings. I'd like my siblings to have a celebration of life in the form of a BBQ preferably at one of their homes an open house potluck style. Please have a sing along. Let's keep it light and fun. Keep it simple.

I will make sure that my finances are in order. And even though I don't have much I am writing a will to make sure all is taken care of. And if I get more time than I'll probably end up filming my will and editing too!

Ok that's what I have for now.


Eileen said...

*sniff* A world without you would be a very gray one indeed. I love you, Annie!

David Munson said...

Making a will isn't at all morbid, as long as you're taking the interests of your loved ones to heart. A will can help your loved ones enjoy your life's work and may make them remember you more fondly.
David Munson @ David A. Munson, PC Law Office