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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Summer Summary

I got my sexy back...thanks boys!

I became a Sun loving, coffee scrubbing, beach bum.

Found my long lost Moon Sista Ali, and started Body Harmonics. Esoteric dancing, ohms, and stretching helped me to let my inner Goddess shine.

Massaged in Catalina, when I wanted too. Being an Independent Contractor totally rocks.

I "Dared to be Vulnerable" (retreat) and met like minded peers. Science of the Mind, it's a philosophy, not a religion.

Bought a magical pass on Jet Blue to visit and explore. Oh the places I'll go...

To be continued...

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Greg Dowden said...

Was super busy that you barely saw me... Haha jk! I'm glad you're summer was fun and self-reflective! :)