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I'm a happy go lucky free spirited hopeless romantic! Far from being perfect but I love to be in love and love to be loved! I try to do right by others and myself. I just want to live a Happy life full of Love and create wonderful memories =)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Work in Progress

I've cut back on working and I'm playing more. Playing? I define as taking time for myself to enjoy what I supposedly work so hard for. I'm a lot more simple than I thought. Enjoying the company of good friends, conversation, and taking in the beauty of the ocean. I'm also learning better ways to take care of my health, physically and spiritually. I finally found what Ive yearned for, for such a long time. Me, just me. I love myself for the beautiful Goddess I am today and not stuck on the idea of striving towards becoming that Divine being in the afterlife. I feel stronger than ever before and I'm ready to be.

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NeenaLove said...

wow... that's a great place to be... in love with self. i love loving myself. i always pop in to check out your blog. LOVE the introspection!

Gairyn Anderson said...

Look at you!! Looking GREAT!!! I am SO HAPPY to hear of your HAPPINESS!! I totally remember that sarong!! Glad to see that it's being used by a proper beach;)

I am SOOO jealous of your LOVELY life!! I TOTALLY know what kind of wonderful things you are learning and enjoying there on our magical/healing island!! I MISS YOU!! And I miss going to class with you!! My heart is often with you! (I wish I could say ALWAYS but sometimes school gets crazy hectic!)

SO MUCH LOVE for you from ME!! MWAH!

Eileen said...

Hello Hottness!!! I'm happy for you, babe! I love you immensely!