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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Confessions of a Frugal Shopaholic!

Last Saturday I found my new favorite spot in Long Beach, located on 4th street downtown. On 4th street you will find many different types of thrift stores ranging from furniture antiques to vintage clothing. There's also an Artsy Theater that has only one viewing room, but shows independent films and some mainstream. I could feel a creative vibe in air as walked up and down the street window shopping.

The pictures above were taken at La Bomba Vintage Thrift. Now every 3rd Saturday of the month La Bomba opens the back room of their store where you can see is a mountain of clothes!! The dresses, tops, and scarves are a $1.00, yes one dollar each =) Jackets are $5. I found myself climbing the mountain digging and having a blast searching for the coolest styles of clothes for me =) I can shop all day, I practically was there for a good 3 hours plus rummaging through and trying on clothes. I came away with 3 tops and six dresses for $9. and change! i can't wait to show ya'll my clothes once they've been cleaned and altered!  

I found a store that sells vinyl records and purchased: 

1) George Benson's Breezin- This is a baby making record =) Love IT!

2) Carly Simon's No Secrets- I love her voice! Yes, Your so vain is on this record.

3) John Denver's Greatest Hits- I love folk style music, it's so chill.

4) The Wiz Soundtrack- I like to put this one on and dance around the house with Phoenix =)

I'd also like to mention the great coffee shop Portfolio located on that strip, they have yummy blended chai and stuffed cheese and spinach croissants. I can't wait to go back and do some more shopping. 

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Ui said...

oooooh....looks like fun. can't wiat to see it! mmmmmm....chai sounds good right about now!