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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ana Unplugged?

Lately I've been thinking about just having an email and blog account. Yes I'm talking about deleting my Facebook, Twitter, and any other online social network I may be a member of. So far I've deleted my Bebo, Myspace, and Hi5 accts. There may be more out there but I'm not sure? Why the delete frenzy?I just feel like I need to spend less time online and more time physically outside and engaged in an activity. I'm planning to learn to paddle board. I'm told it's great for your core balancing. I'm keeping my blog because it's my most current journal and I love reading my family and friends entries. Email is for business and friends too. Other than that I believe my hardest letting go will be Facebook. I have so many photo albums and I need to make sure I have those pics available to print. So it maybe the last acct I get rid of. I just know I've gotta switch things up in my life for better and happier results. Disconnect is definitely coming soon...


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