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Monday, March 8, 2010

Blogging in bed

I'm happily laying in bed blogging via my iPhone. How cool is that? Way cool I say! Damn I love this phone!!! Having my own place here on Catalina has definitely increased my positive flow in all that I do. I'm loving having my schedule and working hard to achieve my goals. So far this year I've accomplished moving out on my own and continue to love being a Massage Therapist. Exercise classes has truly been my salvation to staying upbeat during my day. It's at night I feel my weakest and most vulnerable, but lucky for me I have my sister Alberta here to keep me company and I'm not so lonely anymore. My life is blessed with loving family and friends plus a kick ass iPhone.... It's ok if ur jealous reading this... Lol
I like to call this photo " Ghost Bunny" toodles...xoxo

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Greg Dowden said...

I guess you liked the app! Lol!

***~_Bunz_~*** said...

Love the app! Shoot I love all the apps I have :)

Eileen said...

I *AM* jealous! You brat! I'm glad you're enjoying your life on the island! :)