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I'm a happy go lucky free spirited hopeless romantic! Far from being perfect but I love to be in love and love to be loved! I try to do right by others and myself. I just want to live a Happy life full of Love and create wonderful memories =)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Enjoying the Journey, My Travel Log Through Life

I originally started my blog when I first went on tour with Vayden to keep in touch with friends in Hawaii. My good friend Ui encouraged me to share my Journey thus the inspiration for my page name. As life usually does I've been going through many changes both good and bad, easy and hard. And in true Ui fashion this creative muse has shared with me my newest page name "Memoirs of a Gaysha" I died laughing when she texted me the idea...and I haven't been able to not think about it. So today my page has had a Facelift for the better. Prior to this beauty I was rocking the I Miss You Converse page which was more for the memory of my past, but this is now gonna be ALL ABOUT ME =) and kooky thoughts cause I have a lot! Living, Loving, Learning, & Laughing....gotta dig the L action aye? ;) I'm ready to be happy again.


Gairyn Anderson said...

YAY!! BUNZY!! I am so happy for you! AND I LOVE YOUR blogs' facelift!! SO COOL!! And so much MORE FUN to follow ALONG!!

I love hearing about your Kookiness! You can read my blog and see my crazy stalker-like tendencies. They rear their head every now and again!


Greg Dowden said...

Oh I love the L action...I wonder where you got it!? Here's some more "L" action...LOL! :) I love the facelift...I'm still working on mine!

Eileen said...

LOVE it, babe! It looks awesome and so do you!!! Love you!