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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day

I wish I could say that I pulled off the ultimate prank but alas I have not. If anything I'm the fool :) I accidentally locked myself out of my sisters house this morning. Trying to push the door open I broke the bottom corner window of the door. The good news is I was able to unlock the door. The bad news is now I have to pay to get it fixed. Just another bill to add to my many. I called my sister to let her know what I had done. I had to start off with " I know it's April fools day but ..." We're good but snap I gotta be more focused and aware! Life can be so expensive... The lyric from mo money mo problems keeps coming to mind.

Did I do that?... Dammit I sure did!!! I can see my $$$ flying away! And damn I need a pedicure stat!

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