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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I never understood when my past significant others would say:

"You're so beautiful."

Quickly following with:

"But...." blah blah blah... we're heading towards a break up.

So I'm talking to a friend today about this and how hurt I would feel when hearing such a thing. Because in my head I'm wondering. If I'm so beautiful then why are you leaving me? She brought it to my attention that why did the two have to correlate with each other? You are beautiful, and "so and so" is choosing not to be with you due to other reasons. Why was I allowing my value of self to depreciate when feeling abandoned? And why is it when I am "loved" do I feel at my highest value? Why can't my self love be enough for me? In short why am I not satisfied with myself that I need outside approval? Food for thought, food for thought.

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