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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The M Word...not Marriage

I'm talking about Masturbation. Yep, I said it. Masturbation. You know, self sexual stimulation. And guess what? I do it too! hahaha...But seriously I do. I do it so much that I looked up online to see if it was unhealthy. Quite the opposite. There's so many benefits to self pleasuring that I'm definitely pro masturbation. There's nothing wrong with knowing what your body likes. Yes, growing up this was not a subject to ever bring up to Mom or even Sister. And when it comes to church it was just plain wrong and I must remember that my body is a Temple. I've come to disagree with that statement. Because my body is a Temple I've chosen to know just how to take care of it. Besides pleasing it sexually, I'm teaching myself how to keep it healthy. And a happy healthy sex life is one of the many key components to accomplishing keeping my Temple balanced. I know not everyone agrees with that, and that's fine, whatever works for you. But the following is a little poem I put together today. Enjoy!

When I'm up in bed and can't get to sleep
I rub one out
Instead of counting sheep

When I'm in the shower and feel in a bad mood
I rub one out
Making room for a better attitude

When I know someone loves me but is far away
I rub one out
Until she comes to stay

It's never too early
It's never too late
To rub one out
Yes, Masturbate!

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